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Feb 12

Five High-Profile Car Crashes


Every car crash that kills or injures a person is tragic, but some are high-profile because of the nature of the celebrity victim or the sheer magnitude of the loss. Here are five of the most high-profile:

1. The wreck that killed Princess Diana

The crash that garnered the most television viewers was unarguably the one that killed Princess Diana in 1998. For weeks, much of the world was glued to TV screens as newscasts replayed the last glimpse of Diana going through a revolving door. The news story even overshadowed the death of a modern-day saint, Mother Theresa. The tragedy was heightened by the fact that it was so preventable. There were so many points at which the tragedy could have been averted and the “if only” questions were replayed endlessly through the minds of mourners. If only Diana had been a wearing seatbelt, she could have survived. If only the paparazzi hadn’t been chasing the car, it wouldn’t have been going so fast. If only the driver of the car hadn’t been drunk, he wouldn’t have slammed into the tunnel at high speed.

2. The van that crashed into Stephen King

One afternoon in 1999, author Stephen King was severely injured in a car accident, but he was not a driver. He was a pedestrian. Fans were shocked by the ordinariness of the circumstances. The driver had been neither drinking nor speeding; he had been distracted by his unrestrained dog. There was no intoxicated chauffeur or paparazzi to blame. It involved walking down the road, something almost everyone does without giving a thought to personal injury.

3. James Dean’s fatal collision

The horrendous crashes before the days of seat belts serve as a grim reminder to buckle up. In 1955, James Dean of “Rebel Without a Cause” fame was hit nearly head on by a 23-year-old college student. His last words, minutes before impact, were, “That guy’s gotta stop. He’ll see us.” According to post-mortem studies, Dean’s head was stuck in the grill of the other car. The passenger of Dean’s car was also ejected but survived with only a broken jaw. James Dean’s death was especially poignant because he was just 24 years old.

4. General George Patton’s fatal accident in France

Famous for his choleric disposition, George Patton wasn’t happy unless he was in the middle of a war. In December of 1944, Patton commanded his army through the horrific Battle of the Bulge. Eerily, he had told his wife before he left that he wouldn’t survive to return home. His prediction came true when he was killed in a car accident just one year later, but the crash had nothing to do with the war. He and a friend, Major General Hobart “Hap” Gay, were on an excursion to hunt pheasants when heavy truck made a left turn in front of their vehicle.

The crash occurred at low speed, and at first, it appeared that no one was injured. Patton was having trouble breathing, though, and it turned out that he had broken his neck. His head had struck a metal partition between the front and back seats, and he had suffered a severe cervical spinal cord injury. Paralyzed from the neck down, he later died twelve days later of a pulmonary embolism.

5. The wreck that killed all three of the Coble’s children

Celebrity crashes are terrible, but every parent’s worst nightmare is a crash that takes all of their children. This worst-case scenario happened to Chris and Lori Coble. On the day of her son Kyle’s fifth birthday, Lori was driving Kyle, 4-year old Emma and 2-year-old Katie were driving home from a fun day at a Ferris wheel and pet store. Stopped in traffic, a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of cargo struck their van at 55 miles per hour. The accident was so bad that Lori and the three children had to be transported to separate hospitals. One by one, the parents got news that each of their three children had died.

Their grief was so profound that they made a pact with each other that they wouldn’t commit suicide. Miraculously, Lori gave birth to triplets through in vitro fertilization almost exactly a year after their tragic loss. Even more miraculously, the triplets are two girls and one boy, the same combination as the children they lost.

How Do Hybrid Cars Work?


With gas now typically costing more than $3.00 a gallon in most places around the States, it is not uncommon for people to get sticker shock when they fill up the tank. High gas prices have a significant effect on the economy, since the more a gallon of gas costs, the less people tend to drive. One alternative to driving less is to buy a car that uses less gas. There are conventional cars that offer superior gas mileage, but increasingly, more and more people are choosing to buy hybrid cars. Hybrid cars also tend to have a lower premium for car insurance in Australia. There are a number of different models of hybrids available today, such as the Toyota Prius, the Chevy Volt, the Honda Fit, and many others.

What all of these new hybrid cars have in common is that they can run on either gasoline or electricity. This dual nature is the origin of the term “hybrid,” since they do not rely on just one power source. By combining both an internal combustion engine that is powered by gasoline and an electric battery, a hybrid car can offer the best of both worlds.

Most people, when looking for a car, want a vehicle that can travel a long distance before it needs refuelling and that gives them the performance they need. Very few people are going to choose a car that has to be refuelled every 50 to 100 miles and that can’t go much faster than 40 miles per hour. While entirely electric cars are improving, many of them still have difficulties with performance and need to be recharged frequently. Recharging an electric car can take a long time, and it can be difficult to find a place to plug in one’s car. With a hybrid car, these problems are solved.

The electric engine on a hybrid can be recharged while the vehicle is in use, so it does not have to be separately recharged. This means the owner does not have to worry about plugging in their car and letting it recharge for hours. All they have to do is refuel the car with gasoline. While hybrids still use gas, they tend to have smaller tanks than conventional cars.

Hybrids have a gasoline engine with a fuel tank, but their engines are smaller than those in conventional automobiles. Along with this internal combustion engine, they have an electric motor and a set of batteries. The two main types of hybrid cars are parallel hybrids and series hybrids. In a parallel hybrid, the gasoline engine and the electric motor work in parallel, so they can both supply power to move the car at the same time. The two are not directly connected to each other, but instead are independently connected to the transmission. Honda’s line of hybrids is parallel hybrids, such as the Civic or Accord.

In a series hybrid, on the other hand, the gasoline engine powers a generator, which is then used to either charge the batteries or power the transmission. The Chevy Volt is a series hybrid. Some vehicles are also referred to as power-split hybrids or series-parallel hybrids. These are a type of parallel vehicle which allows multiple paths for power to be transmitted from either the gasoline engine or the electric motor to the transmission.

Because hybrid cars can use a smaller gasoline engine than conventional cars, this means that they are generally more energy efficient. Smaller engines tend to be use less energy than larger ones, since they weigh less and therefore do not need to use as much energy to move their parts. While a gallon of gasoline contains a great deal of potential energy, much of this energy is lost in the engine. The more efficient the engine, the less energy will be wasted as heat, and the more energy can be used to move the car.

There are several other ways that hybrids are more efficient than regular cars. Hybrids can store energy in their batteries so that it can be used later on. Instead of relying solely on brakes to slow the car, a hybrid can use its electric motor as well, and store this energy for later use. A hybrid can also shut off the engine to save energy, so that instead of idling at a stop light, the engine is turned off.


Top 10 Most Expensive Cars


Whether or not you know it, everyone has an interest in cars, though some are only interested in whether or not your own car starts or what the fuel economy is in the new car you are considering purchasing. Many people have an extreme interest in cars and have the ability to point out any given vehicle’s age, date of production, type and class. These are the people that are most interested in the subject of the most expensive cars in the world.

For 2011/2012, the list of the top 10 most expensive cars in the world may not surprise car enthusiasts, but it probably will surprise those that know less about vehicles.

1. Bugatti Veyron

Many might be surprised to find out that the most expensive car in the world costs a cool $2.4 million. Can you imagine what the car insurance would be to cover just driving to the shops to collect some milk? For that price, this car should come with a house, a dog and a built in family with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence – or an electric gate with 24 hour security. Though the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports car doesn’t come with all that, it does accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

2. Pagani Zonda Clinique Roadster

For the man or woman that wants a nice, expensive, performance minded car but thinks $2.4 million is a bit steep, the second most expensive car in the world is the Pagani Zonda Clinique Roadster and it is a much more cost effective $1.85 million. It’s a little slower though; it takes an entire 3.4 seconds to reach 60 from a dead stop.

3. Lamborghini Reventon

Now here’s a car most people are well aware exists; the Lamborghini Reventon. This car is the third most expensive ride in the world, coming in at $1.6 million. The Lamborghini has a smaller price tag and it is a tenth of a second faster than the Pagani, accelerating from 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds. Perhaps this is a better option for those on a budget. The Lamborghini is tied for third place as the most expensive car in the world with the Koenigsegg Agera R, which is even faster. The Agera R can make it to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

4. McLaren F1 

Since being named the most expensive car in the world in 1994, the McLaren F1 has dropped three places on the list to number four, costing a paltry $970,000. It has a top speed of 240 miles per hour and the ability to accelerate to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

5. Ferrari Enzo

Another popular favorite and also the fifth most expensive car in the world is the Ferrari Enzo. Of every supercar ever created, this is the most popular and the biggest seller. This baby costs buyers practically nothing – in comparison to some of the other cars on this list – at $670,000.

6. Pagani Zonda C12 F

The number six most expensive ride in the world, for those that cannot afford one of the top five, is the Pagani Zonda C12 F. This sporty little roadster is only a fraction less than the Ferrari Enzo at $667, 321.

7. SSC Ultimate Aero

The fact that it is number seven shouldn’t turn drivers off of the SSC Ultimate Aero; it may be the seventh most expensive but it is the third fastest, accelerating in 2.7 seconds. This fast ride costs a mere $654,400.

8. Ascari A10

At $650,000 the Ascari A10 is the eighth most expensive supercar in the world. This one is only slightly slower than the SSC Ultimate Aero, taking 2.8 seconds to reach 60. Drivers that want this one better hurry up though, the British automaker only plans on making 50.

9. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

The fourth fastest car in the world is the ninth most expensive. It is also the first American supercar; the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo costs a mere $555,000 and has a top speed of 248 miles per hour.

10. Koenigsegg CCX

Rounding out the top 10 at $545,568 is the Koenigsegg CCX. The company that manufacturers this car is working on making it the fastest car in the world. It is currently ranked fifth.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the vehicles on this list you probably won’t mind that fuel economy isn’t listed as an important factor for any of these vehicles. Anyone that has $2.4 million to drop on a car probably isn’t overly concerned about the rising cost of petrol.

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